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Gift Shop

TAKE A PIECE OF HISTORY HOME. Our gift shop features authentic indigenous and local art. From birch bark baskets to tanned moccasins, you will find the perfect souvenir to remind you of your exceptional journey to the North!

The NLMCC prides itself on offering truly authentic pieces made by local and out of town artists. If you are an artist who wishes to sell one or multiple items, please book a viewing with us at (867) 872-2859 or

Please see below for examples of current articles for sale in our gift shop. Unfortunately, we are not able to process any web or mail orders at this time.

Beaded earrings on colorful print featuring porcupine quills and yellow fur pompoms

An example of the artistic talent in Fort Smith, NT.

Come see our collection of handmade earrings, bracelets, rings, card-holders, and much more. These beauties are sure to knock some socks clean off at your next event, or make an amazing gift for your loved-ones upon your return from the North!

Black fur mitts with silver fox trim

The NLMCC carries a variety of authentic indigenous made fur mittens, hats, mukluks, moccasins, and gauntlets that are sure to keep you warm (and stylish!). We have a variety of sizes, and colours for the whole family to choose from.

Black sheared beaver fur mitts with moose-hair tufting and bison leather

Sheared beaver fur mitts are some of the softest winter gear around! Authentic Canadian Sheared Beaver pelts are plucked then sheared to an even depth to achieve that signature velvety, luxurious feel.

"In The Wild" PI Kennedy - Stories of a Lifetime on the Trapline

Come check-out our books! Our newest publication to hit the shelves is “In The Wild” written by Patti-Kay Hamilton. Follow the eventful stories of a Lifetime on the Trapline in Fort Smith with PI Kennedy. This literary gem contains events tracing all the way back to the very first launch of the Radium King, to the more recent wildfire evacuations in the summer of 2023. You won’t want to miss out on this precious read!