Giving our past a future.


Aboriginal Cultural Centre

EXPERIENCE FIRST HAND the way of life of indigenous people through our outdoor Aboriginal Cultural Centre. This life size village will give you a glance at the aboriginal way of life and housing with iconic items such as the teepee. Through our guided programs you will learn aboriginal games and the way of life in the olden days.

The Aboriginal Cultural Centre was created in 2009 through the  help and  consultation of individuals representing various  groups and culture of  this region such as the Cree, Dene, Métis and Chipewyan. The ACC was created in order to reflect the architecture of the people and their evolution and adaptation in order to survive in the Northern environment.

Aboriginal people from this area have always been highly mobile, travelling long distances to hunt, fish, trap, pick berries, visit and trade. Due to the harsh climate of the north, these lands required special knowledge in order to live a good quality of life. Over many generations, adapting knowledge through experiences on the lands and learning from others, the people of the Thebacha area have triumphed over many challenges to their survival, challenges that go far beyond those of the climate. In part, that survival is due to that special knowledge of the land, taught to children from a very young age so it may be passed on from generation to generation.